Top 10 Cryptocurrencies To Trade On SuperEx Futures

6 min readMay 12, 2023

In the cryptocurrency market, perpetual contracts has always been the source of wealth fantasies. SuperEx, the world’s leading cryptocurrency contract trading platform with nearly 200 trading pairs, provides users with up to 150X leverage, a SL&TP feature, a Futures trading calculator and many other features, providing a complete platform for new and experienced users to make the leap forward in their Futures trading journey.

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In this article, we will briefly go through the top 10 trending cryptocurrencies on the SuperEx Futures trading market in terms of trading volume.


FIL is a token for the decentralized storage network — Filecoin, which acts as an incentive layer on top of the IPFS network. Filecoin provides data storage and search services in an open marketplace using unused hard drive space and bandwidth, thus allowing anyone to participate as a storage provider and profit from the unused capacity of hard drives.


LOOKS is the governance token for the NFT marketplace project — Looks Rare, a community-first NFT marketplace that actively rewards participating traders, collectors and creators. Its best feature is that 100% of the transaction fees are earned by LOOKS token holders, so the more people who trade on the marketplace, the more WETH is earned. Unlike OpenSea, which allocates revenue to itself, Looks Rare distributes all revenue to token holders to empower the LOOKS.


Conflux Network is a scalable decentralized blockchain network designed for high throughput and fast confirmation. Conflux Network’s consensus algorithm is based on a special directed acyclic graph (DAG) structure called a tree graph. Unlike Ether, which only accepts transactions from a single chain into its ledger, the tree graph can merge and process transactions across all concurrent blocks. CFX is Conflux Network’s native functional token for network consensus, ecosystem incentives, network governance and collateralization.


Surely we all know enough about BTC and don’t need much introduction. Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer payment system based on cryptography and economics that replicates human cash transactions. At the same time, Bitcoin is also a commodity ledger maintained by users from the entire world, with data that is forever preserved and cannot be tampered with. Bitcoin allows humans to take control of their own data sovereignty for the first time. It will break the existing data silo state monopolized by Internet giants, and all data will be on the chain, which will be a fractional database jointly maintained by all humans.


A leading project that has exploded all over the internet recently, setting by reaching 1000x in just four days, with more than 20 thousand holder addresses on Ether, it can be said that PEPE is the most popular meme coin of today, and PEPE makes meme coins great again with no taxes, all circulation.

According to the official website description, the PEPE project aspires to be the most meaningful meme coin, arguing that although the dog coin series has its own moments of glory, the days of the canine family are over and now is the time when PEPE frog is in charge.


COREDAO is the official decentralized organization that develops the SATOSHI PLUS ecosystem, and CORE is its ecological token. COREDAO is building WEB3 infrastructure and promoting the public chain on Bitcoin’s POW. Satoshi Plus adopts a protocol-driven validator election mechanism, combining the features of Proof of Work (PoW) and Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS), while the relay in the Core is responsible for relaying the BTC block header to the network through the light client on the chain , relayers are rewarded for verification.


AIDOGE is a meme+ai concept project on arbitrum. All tokens are 100% airdropped to arb airdrop users. The earlier you claim, the more tokens you receive, and the project has not reserved any of the tokens. Therefore, the price is the result of full competition in the market. Users can participate in liquidity incentives to receive arb token rewards, and can also participate in staking to obtain more rewards. Overall, AIDOGE is a deflationary token.


At its core, Open Campus is a community-driven initiative that harnesses the power of blockchain technology to create a more equitable education system, with EDU as its governance token. By decentralizing the creation and distribution of educational content, the Open Campus Protocol enables students to access a greater diversity of educational content while providing new opportunities for educators to earn revenue and gain recognition. The ultimate goal of the Open Campus Protocol is to revolutionize the $5 trillion education industry by putting control back in the hands of educators and learners.


After PEPE exploded in popularity, Wojak (also known as Feels Guy) the coin of the famous meme WOJAK was launched along with its official website stating that it was backed by PEPE’s mememeter. Wojak has many variants, and its meme is also known as “Feels Guy”. Like Doge and PEPE, Wojak is a popular meme among cryptocurrency proponents, and despite its lack of utility, investors looking for memecoins will find that the popularity of the Wojak meme and the token’s growth since its launch make it a People are fascinated.


The Sui platform is built on top of Sui Move, which is derived from the core Move programming language. As a permissionless network, anyone with the right setup and enough shares can become a verifier. SUI uses Proof of Delegated Interest (DPoS) to determine which verifiers operate the network and their voting rights. Independent verifiers are the backbone of the Sui network. Validators run unique instances of Sui software on separate machines and are jointly responsible for protecting the network. The ability of Sui’s improved Move language to more clearly indicate the ownership, mutability, and composability of objects makes it a natural fit for building metaverse facilities.

According to Sui’s official token economic model whitepaper posted on Github, Sui’s token is SUI, with a total supply of 10 billion. Its uses are four purposes, including participation in PoS pledges, payment of gas fees, support for the Sui economic system, and participation in on-chain voting.

What makes SuperEx different from other platforms is that SuperEx uses mark price to calculate the liquidation margin instead of the latest transaction price. This means that malicious traders cannot cause wrong forced liquidation by manipulating the order list, which can better protect the legitimate rights and interests of users.

SuperEx has also set up a take profit and stop loss mechanism, users can preset TP&SL, that is, set a stop profit and stop loss for the positions to be opened in advance. Users can click to set a TP&SL order at the same time when placing a position opening order. When the open order is filled, the system will immediately execute the TP&SL order at the user’s preset trigger price and market price.

The TP&SL presetting mechanism is avialable to maximize the safety and profitability of the user’s Futures trading experience on, and also liberates the user’s time freedom, without having to keep an eye on the fluctuation of the trading price at all times.

On April 27, 2023, SuperEx will launch the Futures Trading Calculator feature, which allows you to use the SuperEx Futures Calculator to calculate the PnL, Close Price, Liquidation Price and Average Opening Price before placing any orders.

The Futures Calculator is located on the right side of the Futures trading panel and can be opened by clicking on the “Calculator” icon, as shown by the arrow below.

Users can select [Profit], [Close Price], [Liquidation Price] and [Average Opening Price] for calculation.

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