The SuperEx anniversary is underway and contract trading credits are coming online

2 min readMar 18, 2024

To celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the launch of SuperEx Medium, we are launching the 2nd anniversary of SuperEx! The activity has been officially launched. In this activity, we will have 40 lucky users, and there will be 10U worth of contract transaction fee coupons and USDT cash rewards for free.

Activity time: 2024/3/18–2024/3/31

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Event Details:

First prize: 20 coupons worth 10U of contract transaction fees for new users

During the event, new Medium followers can participate in a lucky draw, and 20 lucky users will be awarded 10U worth of contract fee coupons.

Grand Prize: Comment to win USDT Cash Prize

Complete the following and retweeting tasks and you can participate in the lucky draw. 20 lucky users will be selected and each lucky user will get a cash prize of 10USDT.

Please check the Event Rules article for specific rules. (at the beginning of this article)

Contract trading credits are coming soon

SuperEx has added a new contract trading credits section. Users can obtain credits by checking in, participating in contract trading, invitation rewards, and transaction ranking rewards. The accumulated credits can be exchanged for platform interests, SuperEx main network tokens and other rewards.

Credit reward redemption

1. Exchange platform interests: Users can use credits to exchange Superex Platform Public chain (ScsChain) mainnet token SCS.

When SCS goes online, you can get the dividends of platform development and the benefits of SCS growth.

2. Lucky Draw: Use credits to participate in the draw (20 credits once, maximum 50 times per day)

3. Holding credits to get airdrop: Holding credits to get airdrop tokens first, the more credits you hold the more airdrop you get. (no credits consumed)

Please stay tuned to the official announcement for more details about contract trading credits program!




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