The president is also crazy: Trump and Biden launch a battle for the crypto election.

5 min readMay 24, 2024


As the world’s number one power, the US election has always affected the attention of global politics, economy and industry, especially the traditional issues such as foreign policy and culture war have become the focus of discussion at this stage.

Judging from the current situation, it is no surprise that this year’s US President will be elected between the 81-year-old Democratic representative Trump and the Republican representative Donald Trump, who is known for following the fashion of the Internet.

According to the previous management, both candidates will publicize their political intentions and election promises from various dimensions, however, this time, a new topic seems to have emerged: cryptocurrency, which has been included in the issue of this presidential war this year.

It may even play an important role in the country elections.

Trump: Accepting cryptocurrencies as campaign of contributions, Let NFT hot again

Trump publicly stated that he would accept cryptocurrencies as campaign contributions, and encouraged voters who support cryptocurrencies to vote for him, while also pointing out in a public speech: “President Joe Biden doesn’t even know what cryptocurrencies are, if you like cryptocurrencies in any form, if you support cryptocurrencies, you better vote for Trump.”

Of course, this is not the first time Trump has shown his support for the encryption field. What many people don’t know is that on December 15,2022, Mr. Trump announced the issuance of 45,000 NFTs through the social media website TruthSocial he founded, with a starting price of $99 per item and the purchase of 45 digital trading cards, will receive a ticket to dinner with Trump.

We also reported on this at the time, interested partners can click on the link below to see SuperEx coverage of this story at the time:

Earlier this year, Trump released the third “Mugshot” NFT series. And kept its promise to dine with buyers who purchased more than 47 Mugshot Edition NFT trading cards. At the dinner, Trump said: He wants to make NFT hot again.

We don’t know if Mr. Trump will be able to make NFT hot again, but his moves have put cryptocurrencies on the radar of the US election for the first time.

Following Trump’s move in the crypto market, another candidate Biden has also indicated that he will accept cryptocurrencies as donation campaign and has invited experts in the field of MEME to join his team.

Biden: The campaign team has hired an expert in creating meme master

During the previous administration, the Biden governments strict policies caused strong reactions from the cryptocurrency industry and its supporters. Perhaps to soften their approach, President Joe Biden’s re-election campaign team has stated that they may accept cryptocurrency as campaign donations. At the same time, they are also searching for a specialist in creating internet memes.

According to Bitcoin Magazine, Joe Biden’s campaign has requested donations, stating that donations from crypto executives who support Donald Trump have “surpassed” theirs. They have also indicated that they may accept cryptocurrency as campaign contributions. Earlier today, Trump began accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for campaign donations.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden’s presidential campaign team has posted a job opening for a Partner Manager. The successful candidate will be responsible for initiating and overseeing the daily operations of engaging with popular internet content and meme pages.

What’s even more interesting is that at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner in April this year, Biden once again put on sunglasses and mentioned the character image that once made him publicly express “death” amidst the cheers of the audience.

Why this election is all bets on the crypto track

The reason is simple, looking at the whole election, although crypto is only a very small part, this does not mean that it is not important, on the contrary, small choices with large differences will affect the voters’ support more.

According to an online survey commissioned by DCG in early April, conducted by Harris Poll among more than 1,000 voters in each state, cryptocurrencies have a significant voice in several key swing states such as Arizona, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. The data shows that about 18% of voters in these states, which is approximately 3.4 million people, hold digital assets.

When DCG conducted a survey among voters in several swing states, it was found that over 20% of voters consider cryptocurrency to be a key issue in this year’s U.S. elections. This opinion poll indicates that cryptocurrency is gradually becoming one of the factors influencing elections, with more and more politicians expressing support or condemnation for cryptocurrencies.

This is in stark contrast to the last US election.

Given that recent presidential elections have been decided by a narrow margin, it is not hard to tell that crypto voters are likely to influence the outcome of the 2024 election

For example, Harris Poll conducted a national survey on behalf of Grayscale titled The 2024 Election: The Role of Cryptocurrency. Here are some key insights

Image Source Web
Image Source Web

It remains to be seen whether Bitcoin will be the deciding factor in the 2024 election, but what is certain is that the days when cryptocurrencies were politically marginalized are long gone. As the U.S. is about to face its most talked-about presidential election, Bitcoin role is not only a reflection of its growing economic significance, but also a testament to its potential to influence policy at the national level.




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