SuperEx’s biggest airdrop of the year, the SCS Chain mainnet token SCS airdrop plan is about to launch.

3 min readSep 28, 2023


Unleashing power of SCS Chain with airdrop, the surprise goes beyond imagination! SuperEx’s biggest annual airdrop, the most cost-effective value investment scheme in the crypto bear market, the SCS Chain mainnet token SCS airdrop plan is about to start.

What makes this the top airdrop event in a crypto bear market?

Centered on Superexers, the ‘who,’ ‘what,’ and Scale of the SCS airdrop:

Who: Tailored high-yield experiences for all Superexers.

Superexers are always at the heart of any event, and airdrops are no exception. In this airdrop, SuperEx takes the role of the ‘Superexers’ to the next level.

If you have a vast network of friends, leverage that. Rally your connections, because every referral could earn you significant rewards.

If you have considerable spare funds, every investment you make in this airdrop will come with an added bonus from SuperEx.

From influencers to average Superexers , everyone contributes their unique energy to this festive event, collectively making the SCS airdrop a crypto celebration.

What: The courage to reward Superexers amidst a bearish crypto market.

According to data from Fortune and Pitchbook, by Q2 of 2023, funding for crypto projects was less than 10% of the total in 2022. The market is sluggish, and funds are receding. This is the current state of the global crypto market. Yet, against the odds, SuperEx steps up with a highly competitive value investment plan, showcasing genuine bravery.

Scale: Unparalleled event scale.

The scale of this SCS airdrop is grander and more engaging. The user-centric approach is even more pronounced. The total prize amount, rewards mechanism, and multi-dimensional event strategies surpass any previous SuperEx event and leave other platforms in the dust.

So, what is the SCS Token? How should investors participate in this SCS Token airdrop?

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What is the SCS Token?

The SCS Token is the ecosystem token for the SCS Chain Mainnet. It provides the economic foundation and acts as the driving hub for the SCS Chain. It’s a core of the SCS Chain Mainnet, endowed with vast ecological value and a mission to positively advance the development of the smart blockchain ecosystem.

Value of the SCS Token?

Economic Value: As the economic bedrock of the SCS Chain Mainnet, the SCS Token is the ecological fuel required for third-party application development on the mainnet. SCS is consumed as gas fee, establishing itself as the pivotal force behind third-party application development.

Appreciation Potential: Whenever third-party entities develop applications on the mainnet, they must pay with SCS as the gas fee. This necessitates that third-party projects continuously accumulate SCS, directly propelling the continuous price increase of SCS.

Ecological Interaction Value: The SCS Token will serve as the connecting hub for all commercial applications and user interactions based on the SCS Chain Mainnet. Every interaction will be linked through the SCS Token, bestowing upon it a deeper layer of intrinsic value.

It’s foreseeable that as the SCS Chain Mainnet ecosystem becomes more diverse, the SCS Token, being the sole token to engage with this ecosystem, will continue to offer Superexers an enriched backdrop of ecological benefits.

In a crypto bear market, this luxurious benefit extravaganza demonstrates SuperEx’s immense determination in advancing the SCS Chain’s ecological development. From application development to the enhancement of the SCS Chain ecosystem, the SCS Token plays the role of a bridge across various dimensions, connecting SCS Chain applications and Superexers. Indeed, the initiation of the SCS Token airdrop event marks a significant milestone in the SCS Chain’s growth. It offers investors a golden opportunity to get involved. The event is about to start, so stay tuned to SuperEx’s official announcements. Don’t miss out!




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