Superex talks about Sodi, innovates Solana ecosystem

8 min readApr 10, 2024

The launch of Sodi, the first royalty inscription agreement in Solana chain, has undoubtedly brought an innovation to the whole Solana ecosystem. For Solana market, this event will bring brand-new expansion and upgrade to its inscription ecosystem.

For Solana, I believe everyone will be familiar with it. In 2021, Solana ($SOL) was born and became one of the hottest blockchains at an incredible speed. It relies on incredible speed and extremely low transaction costs. This means that Solana can support a large number of decentralized applications without slowing down or generating extremely high transaction costs, which has always been a problem in the Ethereum ecosystem.

The cost of Solana transaction is as low as $0.001.

What is Solana ($SOL)?

Solana is a network-scale open source blockchain protocol that supports developers and institutions around the world to build decentralized applications (DApp) and markets. Solana’s protocol is fast, secure and anti-censorship, which provides the flexibility of the open infrastructure needed to build large-scale adopted applications.

This high-performance blockchain provides a completely decentralized, secure and highly scalable infrastructure for the future DApp and decentralized market. It uses a set of breakthrough computing technologies, can support thousands of nodes, and allows the transaction throughput to expand in proportion to the network bandwidth.

Solana uses the consensus mechanism of proof of interest (PoS) and proof of history (PoH) to improve throughput and scalability. Therefore, the network claims to support 50,000 transactions per second (TPS), making it the fastest blockchain in the world.

What is Sodi?

Sodi is the first royalty inscription agreement located in Solana chain, which supports the publication, reproduction and combination of inscriptions, and supports multi-project and multi-ecological applications. Different from the inscription protocols sorted under BTC and ETH, Sodi protocol has the guarantee of blockchain consensus.

Specifically, Sodi aims to become an inscription aggregation platform on the Solana chain. With the official support of Solana, Sodi has grasped the high demand for inscriptions in the current market, and will support many types of gameplay such as royalties, publishing, re-engraving, combination and splitting of inscriptions in the future, and support multi-project and multi-ecological application layers. It is expected to create greater value in this field.

At present, Sodi protocol has launched the V1 version of the inscription deployment function, and users can launch the royalty inscription with a low threshold. The platform is about to update the V2 version of the inscription deployment function. Sodi is developing the first inscription fair start platform on Solana, which will automatically add liquidity provision (LP) when casting tokens to further enhance the user experience and the usability of the platform. This innovation indicates that Sodi has taken an important step in promoting the convenience, liquidity and fairness of inscription trading in Solana ecosystem.

Therefore, Bitcoin has Ordi and Solana has Sod!

The launch of Sodi agreement is an important innovation and breakthrough for Solana market. It directly targets Sats, devotes itself to supporting more ecology and projects, and brings brand-new expansion and upgrade to the inscription ecosystem of Solana market. This will make the inscription market no longer just a speculative tool, but a project with real practical value.

Dialogue Sodi, SuperEx takes you to the Sodi team

Superex: What’s the future use of Utopia Box?

Sodi: First of all, the Utopia Box is not only a symbolic inscription in the Sodi agreement, but also a symbol of value accumulation and multiple benefits. As the first inscription of the agreement, Utopia Box bears the original spirit of Sodi and the pure vision in the early stage. Its unique rights and interests include the exclusive access to the limited edition Wall Street Bull NFT, the Sodi token airdrop bound to it, and the exponential bonus of the award. At present, we have exchanged the first three rights and interests, which not only deepens the community’s loyalty and participation in this new agreement, but also opens a high value-added wealth path for the holders.

In addition to the above three value rights and interests, Utopia Box has more rights and interests. Utopia box holders will also enjoy many box rights such as inscription online, activity participation and community governance. You can put your own inscription on the line at a lower threshold, participate in more specific reward activities and community governance.

And holding Utopia Box will have the white list qualification of various online inscriptions of Sodi agreement and the advanced rights and interests of entering the ecology, which is an unparalleled advantage. (For example, there are more opportunities to get the white list of all online Sodi inscriptions, lower prices and higher value returns, some advanced rights and interests of ecology settled in the Sodi agreement, and the box can be the entry threshold for some ecology. )

Moreover, the Sodi agreement will open the entire Solana ecological market in the future, and the Utopia box will also become a golden shovel in the Solana chain, with extremely high value growth potential.

With the continuous development and expansion of Sodi protocol in Solana ecosystem, the value and potential represented by utopia box will be gradually recognized and tapped by the market. The white list qualification and advanced rights opportunities it provides can not only bring unprecedented investment advantages to holders, but also indicate its unique position as a golden shovel in Solana chain. Utopia box is not only a bridge connecting Sodi agreement with a wide range of users, but also a key to open a new opportunity for Solana ecology, providing holders with priority access to the future market and huge value-added space.

Superex: What is the original design intention of nft, the cow of Wall Street, and what are its values?

Sodi: The Bull of Wall Street is the first mascot in the Solana chain. The design of the Bull of Wall Street not only represents the prosperity and development of Solana market, but also marks the social status and influence of the holder in this emerging ecology. It not only represents the accumulation of wealth, but also symbolizes the holder’s trust in Solana ecology and optimistic expectations for future development. In this community-driven digital world, the “Cow of Wall Street” NFT will become an identity card, showing its holder’s unique position and perspective in Solana community.

The price attribute of NFT, the cow of Wall Street, is diverse. First of all, as the first mascot in Solana chain, it has a very high collection value. Its uniqueness will become the object of collectors’ pursuit; Moreover, the total number of NFT issued by Wall Street Bull is only 2,527, which is extremely scarce, further promoting its value. In the future, the image of “Bull of Wall Street” represents strength and wealth, and symbolizes the prosperity and development of Solana market. This symbolism adds more value and attraction to it. Finally, holding the “Bull of Wall Street” NFT will become a symbol of social status in Solana’s ecology. Holders can show their status in the community by showing their NFT, and at the same time, they can increase their personal influence in the community.

In the future, with the development of Solana ecosystem and the increasing demand of users for NFT, holders may gain higher value in the secondary market, which is also the important value of “NFT”.

Superex: Why did Sodi choose to be an ieo at Superex?

Sodi:superex is the first Web 3.0 cryptocurrency exchange, and their visionary founding team, as one of the first teams to respond to the Musk Mars project and study the Web 3.0 ecosystem, has always been at the forefront of development.

Today, SuperEx has more than 10 million users and 600,000+social media fans, covering 166 countries and regions. It supports transactions in more than 1,000 cryptocurrencies, and is seamlessly integrated with the super wallet, providing decentralized asset storage combined with the transaction efficiency of the centralized exchange (CEX). And SuperEx has established one of the largest DAO communities of Web3.0 ecology in the world. The most important thing is that SuperEx is the first exchange to embrace inscriptions, and has precipitated many users of BTC inscriptions. Sodi is also based on inscriptions.

Therefore, SODI chose to conduct IEO (first exchange offering) in SuperEx, which is based on SuperEx’s strong platform strength and common vision for future technologies. SuperEx not only has outstanding achievements on the basis of technology and users, but also devotes itself to promoting the development and application of Web 3.0 technology, which coincides with the goal of SODI agreement to develop Web 3.0 ecosystem and blockchain technology. Through IEO in SuperEx, SODI hopes to bring more exposure and user participation to its projects with its extensive user base and technical advantages, and at the same time accelerate the development and application of SODI in the field of Web 3.0.

In addition, SuperEx, as a platform dedicated to building a decentralized ecosystem, provides an ideal environment for SODI to show its innovative blockchain solutions to users on a safe and efficient basis, and jointly promote the future development of digital currency and blockchain technology.

Superex: What’s the difference between SODI and other recent hot meme projects? What’s the main competitiveness?

Sodi: Most other meme are initiated by a culture, an image or a joke. Without any practical support, what is left after FOMO is a bubble, which lasts for a very short time. The Sodi agreement is not a meme, but we just incorporate the elements of meme into our marketing. Sodi is the first royalty inscription agreement based on Solana. In addition to deploying inscriptions, Sodi will also launch the first fair launch platform on Solana, which will be the birthplace of all high-quality meme in the future.


The launch of Sodi agreement will promote the prosperity and development of Solana market, improve its competitiveness, inject new vitality into the whole ecosystem and provide users with a better experience. Promote the Solana market to enter a new stage of development, bringing more opportunities and development space for projects and developers.




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