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5 min readFeb 6, 2023

SuperEx P2P is a cryptocurrency trading platform that allows direct trading of fiat and cryptocurrencies between users, with the advantages of security, portability, efficiency, and wide fiat coverage.

According to SuperEx official news, a platform launched by SuperEx that allows cryptocurrency market participants to trade directly with each other: SuperEx P2P will soon be launched on the SuperEx exchange. At that time, SuperEx’s lack of fiat currency exchange will be effectively supplemented, allowing SuperEx to protect the security of platform transactions while taking into account the convenience of transactions.

What is P2P Trading?

P2P trading is a peer-to-peer based decentralized trading method. Using P2P trading will skip intermediaries or third parties and buy/sell cryptocurrencies directly between users.

What is a P2P cryptocurrency trading platform?

SuperEx P2P trading was launched to help SuperEx users to control the process and details of their transactions more easily and quickly. SuperEx P2P trading allows for clear control and screening of buyer or seller profiles, while pricing and settlement times are within the control of both parties to the transaction.

SuperExP2P trading platform will help users and merchants avoid risks by guaranteeing the safety of transactions between buyers and sellers through a deposit system and a risk control system.

How does the SuperEx P2P trading platform work?

SuperEx P2P protects both buyers and sellers to protect transactions and reduce the risk of fraud. In addition to a public rating system, SuperEx P2P uses custody to protect cryptocurrencies until both parties confirm the transaction. For example, if you sell Bitcoin in fiat currency, the SuperEx P2P platform will hold your Bitcoin in cutody. Once you send your bitcoins and confirm the transaction, the SuperEx P2P platform will then confirm it with you and the buyer, ensuring a safe and secure transaction. If either party is unhappy with the transaction, they can appeal to resolve the issue between the counterparties or get SuperEx P2P platform customer service involved.

On the SuperEx P2P platform, buyers and sellers can browse crypto ads or post their own ads. At the same time, the SuperEx P2P platform will provide reference and protection for everyone involved in the transaction through a real-time feedback or rating system.

Advantages of SuperEx P2P trading platform

1. Global Market

The SuperEx P2P trading platform relies on the SuperEx exchange, with users covering 186 countries and regions around the world. Through the SuperEx P2P trading platform you will have access to the global marketplace for cryptocurrency trading and can trade with people from 186 countries and regions around the world without any barriers.

2. Localized P2P Transactions

The SuperEx P2P trading platform has a strict screening system for merchants, all of whom are from the local trading community and can only choose the local fiat currency as the only trading fiat currency, maximizing the efficiency, security and diversity of counterparty selection.

3. Multiple Payment Methods

Supported payment and receipt methods: bank card (savings card, credit card, international credit card MasterCard, Visa, etc.), PAYPAL, Paytm and other payment methods, please check the platform for details. More payment and receipt methods will be launched later to facilitate support for more transaction objects.

4. Zero Transaction Fee

The SuperEx P2P trading platform allows traders to connect and execute trades at zero cost, and neither buyers nor sellers incur any fees during the entire P2P operation process, an advantage that 99% of exchange P2P on the market does not have.

5. Use of Custodial Secured Transactions

The SuperEx P2P trading platform offers custody services to protect buyers and sellers. When a secured transaction with custody is selected, funds are held by the SuperEx P2P trading platform and released only when both parties to the transaction meet the terms of the transaction. SuperEx P2P trading platform transactions must be completed within a certain time frame: if either party is unable to meet the terms of the transaction, the cryptocurrency or fiat currency will be returned to your wallet once the time limit expires.

SuperEx P2P trading platform merchant program

SuperEx P2P trading platform is recruiting P2P platform merchants from all fiat currency regions around the world. The first merchants will enjoy multiple special support rights such as zero commission and targeted promotion.

What is a SuperEx P2P merchant?

A SuperEx P2P merchant is an individual or organization that earns money by advertising fiat currency trading and completing P2P transactions on the SuperEx P2P fiat currency trading platform.

1. How to apply to become a SuperEx P2P merchant

SuperEx personal UID.

Contact information.

Country of residence/nationality.

Access to fiat currency or you can clarify in which fiat currency you would like to trade.

Email your above information to email address and wait to be contacted by SuperEx officials.

2. SuperEx P2P merchant benefits

Zero fees: There are no fees for the initial launch of SuperEx P2P, making it the best time to join.

Security: multiple encryption bank-level security systems with multiple guarantees of asset security.

Transparency: regularized deposit system, easy control of transaction costs and greater transparency.

Regional protection: we will limit the merchants to a maximum of 3 merchants or teams in each fiat currency region of the world

P2P trading volume will be counted in the total trading volume of the merchant’s SuperEx spot account and included in the VIP level measurement.

7x24-hour merchant exclusive customer service support.

SuperEx has an optimal trading system with fast trading speed, user-friendly UI design and full platform operation.

Initial merchants have access to support for promotional services, combined with a media matrix for joint promotion and unlimited traffic.

Beginner’s Guide to SuperEx P2P Trading Platform

1. Keep up to date with the market price of cryptocurrencies and set a realistic price

2. Don’t get into the habit of cancelling transactions before they are completed

3. Monitor your ads regularly and check for new ones

4. Communicate with counterparties in a timely and clear manner.

5. Communicate with counterparties in a timely and clear manner

6. Please seek help from the platform’s customer service if you have any unresolved disputes, do not settle them privately

7. SuperExP2P has a large number of merchants, compare several to get the most suitable offer

8. The variety of payment methods helps to attract more trading customers


Your use of the SuperEx P2P Services and all information and other content contained in or accessible from the SuperEx P2P Services (including information and other content of third parties) is at your own risk. Our sole responsibility is to process encrypted transactions. Unless otherwise required by law, all payments are final upon completion. the SuperEx P2P trading platform has neither the right nor the obligation to resolve any dispute arising from the completion of the payment. Neither the SuperEx P2P trading platform nor the merchant is liable for any loss you incur in completing a payment.

Risk warning: Digital assets are innovative investment products with high price fluctuations, so please judge your investment ability rationally and make investment decisions carefully.

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