SuperEx Medium Call for Submissions Q&A

2 min readMar 28, 2023

Since the launch of the SuperEx Medium Call for Submissions, it has received widespread attention from SuperEx users and the whole Internet. However, we have also received some questions from users expressing their misunderstandings about the rules.

Today, we will do a Q&A session to address the questions that users are concerned about.

Is there a word limit for the submitted articles?

Answer: We do not have a word limit, but we hope to receive in-depth articles. Therefore, it is personally recommended that the article should be at least 1000 words to clearly explain the topics.

How to understand “based on SuperEx”?

Answer: We do not have strict requirements for the subject and direction of the article, whether it is blockchain, Web3.0, or decentralization. However, the content of your article must include some information about SuperEx. We do not have a word limit for these SuperEx-related contents, but they must be positive.

When will the results be announced if the article is selected by SuperEx?

Answer: For the selected articles, we will notify the authors by email on the last day of March 2023 and publish them on the SuperEx Medium in April 2023.

How many articles can be selected?

Answer: We will select 2 to 4 articles based on the quality of the articles and the number of submissions.

Will there be rewards for those not selected?

Answer: In addition, “all creators who submit their work during the event” have the chance to win prizes. Before the submission deadline of March 31st (First Round), we will randomly select 10 contributors to receive SuperEx transaction fee refund coupons and ET rewards.

When will the rewards be distributed?

Answer: The rewards will be sent to your SuperEx account before the 20th of next month.

*SuperEx reserves the right of final interpretation of this activity.

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