SuperEx May Event Guide: Share 29,500 USDT Reward Pool!

4 min readMay 16, 2023


SuperEx’s unmissable May event guide: P2P Weekly Bonus Exclusive event, Crypto Trading Contest, SuperEx May Double Rewards, New User Benefits: four major events bringing a total of up to $29,500 in bonuses for SuperEx users.

For SuperEx users, SuperEx’s benefits campaign is both wonderful and at times, these events might get a little confusing to our users:

The beauty is that SuperEx is very generous and every event is full of new surprises;

The twist is that there are so many SuperEx events that it’s a huge loss to accidentally miss one.

Therefore, we have compiled a completeguide for you, cross the twists and turns, go straight and share $29,500 together!

Event 1. SuperEx P2P Weekly Exclusive: Share $1500 USDT Bonus

Event Rules:

SuperEx P2P users who make at least 200 USDT transaction on SuperEx P2P during the campaign period will receive 5 USDT for free upon completion of a transaction, three times per week.

Only users who have made a transaction during the campaign period and then signed up will be rewarded.

100 users will receive this bonus each week and the bonus will be sent within 7 business days.

Event time:

Every Wednesday 16:00 — Thursday 15:59 (UTC)

Link to join the event:

Event 2. Spot Trading Contest: Share $3000 USDT bonus!

Event Rules:

During the event, users trade the above-mentioned designated currencies and get corresponding equivalent ET rewards based on the accumulated transaction volume. The number of rewards is limited, and we will distribute rewards according to the ranking of users’ accumulated transaction volume. The specific reward rules are as follows:

Event time:

16:00, May 9th — 15:59, May 18th (UTC)

Participating Currencies:


Event link:

Event 3: SuperEx May Double Rewards: Share $15,000 bonus!

Event time:

16:00, May 10–15:59, May 24 (UTC)

Event link:

1. Futures Trading Competition: Single player up to 100 USDT!

During the event period, participants who trade Futures and meet the corresponding ranking trading volume requirement will be ranked according to their total Futures trading volume during the evenet period. The reward rules are as follows:

2. Deposit USDT and get cash rewards!

During the event, users who deposit USDT and have a net deposit amount (that is, deposit minus withdrawal amount) greater than 2,500 USDT can get cash rewards based on the USDT net deposit amount. The rules are as follows:

Event 4: Fifth Round of New User Benefits: Trade to win 10,000 USDT rewards!

Event time:

16:00, May 16–15:59, May 30 (UTC)

Event link:

I. New users who complete deposit can participate in the lottery!

· From April 1 to May 30, all new users who register on SuperEx platform can participate

· During the campaign period, if you deposit USDT with more than 500 USDT, each user will receive 15 USDT as a reward, and the number of rewards will be 100. The rewards are limited and will be ranked according to the amount of new users’ deposit amounts during the campaign period.

II. Participate in 1USD event to win rewards!

SuperEx 1USD is a one-stop shopping platform that provides global users with a new Web3.0 online shopping experience. 1USD provides users with a chance to win gifts.

III. Newly registered users who contract trading, single person can get up to 70 USDT!

From April 1 to May 30, all new users registered on the SuperEx platform will be rewarded for trading contracts during the campaign period and for reaching the corresponding ladder of cumulative trading volume.




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