SuperEx Launching The HD Wallet Authorization: All changes at a glance!

In order to meet the different needs of users and to create a multi-scenario, multi-application, multi-dimensional trading environment for users, the SuperEx platform is launching the HD wallet authorization on September 8, 2022, for the whole platform (web + APP).

After the launch of the HD wallet authorization, users can login to the SuperEx platform and trade over 1000 trading pairs directly through the wallet authorization without the need for a mobile phone number or email verification. All users who use HD wallet to login will store their own private keys, so they will have a full control over their assets.

The following is a compilation of the important changes in this update.

New registration method

The registration of new users will require no password, no verification code, no security settings, completely free of the burdensome steps. Users can just choose HD wallet to register on and easily complete the registration.

New login method

After the update, all web users can authorize login through wallet code/wallet plug-in, and APP users can authorize login through HD wallet code/APP. Users will no longer be required to enter password and two-step verification to operate on the platform.

Crypto deposit/withdrawal changes

After the update, the platform will realize address-free transfer, users can directly authorize crypto deposit/withdrawal through HD wallet directly to their spot account. And if users want to trade Futures, they can make an internal transfer from their Spot account to Futures account and start trading.

Changes to the deposit fees

This is the easiest one for all users to ignore. When using HD wallet to authorize crypto deposits, the gas fee will be deducted from the token of the chain you are in, not the token you are depositing. Please make sure the balance of ETH in your wallet is enough to pay for the fee, otherwise the deposit will fail. At the beginning, SuperEx will support the ERC-20 chain and users will be able to deposit any cryptocurrency on ERC-20 chain to their account. But, you need to make sure that you have enough ETH in your wallet to pay for the gas fee, otherwise the deposit will not be completed.

Other changes to note

The inital version supports three HD wallets, namely: MetaMask, Imtoken, and TokenPocket. Other HD wallets will be opened in subsequent versions.

When authorizing HD wallet for the first time, the ERC20 assets in the wallet must be > 0. When the assets are 0, you will not be able to register an account.

If the HD wallet has already been authorized on the SuperEx platform, you will be able to operate normally even though the ERC20 assets in the wallet is 0.

Accounts created with mobile phones/emails cannot be associated with wallet authorization (address) accounts.

That’s all for this update.

SuperEx is a cryptocurrency trading platform based on web3.0, which supports blockchain crypto asset transactions in more than sixlanguages ​​and 500 coins. The SuperEx app and network combine the functionality of cryptocurrency trading and next-generation digital wallets, providing members with a one-stop platform for saving, investing, trading, and benefits.

At present, SuperEx has established a complete DAO community in 20 different countries and regions around the world, becoming one of the important DAO community groups in the global blockchain field. The ultimate goal of the platform is to create a web3.0-based business model that can achieve true decentralization and DAO autonomous management, opening the door to billions of potential users around the world through web3.0 and the metaverse.



The first Web3.0 cryptocurrency exchange and DAO network made by the community!

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The first Web3.0 cryptocurrency exchange and DAO network made by the community!