SuperEx launched the HD wallet authorization to enhance user experience with more security and convenience for asset management!

5 min readSep 8, 2022


SuperEx platform launched HD wallet authorization feature, where users keep their own private keys, and their assets are completely under their control, safe and secure.

In order to meet the different needs of users and to create a multi-scenario, multi-application, multi-dimensional trading environment for users, the SuperEx platform is launching the HD wallet authorization on September 8, 2022, for the whole platform (web + APP).

After the launch of the HD wallet authorization, users can login to the SuperEx platform and trade over 1000 trading pairs directly through the wallet authorization without the need for a mobile phone number or email verification. All users who use HD wallet to login will store their own private keys, so you will have full control over your assets.

So, What Are Hierarchical Deterministic Wallets?

Hierarchical Deterministic Wallet, or HD wallet for short, is a privacy-centered wallet. The most important feature is that you can derive any number of sub-accounts (i.e. sub-keys) from the master key. All sub-accounts are controlled by the master key and can be extended infinitely. So the user only needs to manage one master private key to centrally manage all of the assets in the account.

Users can add multiple wallet addresses for each cryptocurrency in the HD wallet to facilitate asset separation. You only need to backup 12-word seed phrase to control all account assets under all currencies, eliminating the need to backup multiple private keys.

The Benefits of an HD Wallet

A. Security

1. Transaction security

The security of digital assets has always been one of the most concerned issues for users in the industry. Asset security is also one of the core and most important credit indicators of superex. Up to now, under the strong risk control system of superex, the security indicator of digital assets has remained at 100%.

With HD wallet authorization, in addition to SuperEx’s risk control system, a security lock controlled by the user is added.

After the update, for users who use HD wallets, crypto assets are stored in HD wallets. Since they get rid of complex addresses and verification, they can with transfer from HD wallets at any time when needed, and the private keys of HD wallets are kept by users themselves, the assets can be completely managed by users alone, and it is truly safe and secure.

2. Storage security

If you are using the HD wallet, you will be the only person with access to the wallet private keys. This helps users to avoid situations that large-scale crypto assets are stored in the exchange account. By using HD wallets, the assets can be completely managed by users alone, which is safe and secure.

B. Convenience

1. No registration required: users who use HD wallet do not need to register an account and password;

2. Simple login: users who use HD wallet will skip the account password, two-step security verification and other steps, and click authorization and signature to complete the login.

3. Easy to deposit: Users who use HD wallet will skip the tedious process that requires a third-party wallet to enter the address and deposit in the past, and can complete the deposit by directly authorizing and signing the wallet. the process is convenient and the chances of any mistakes happening during the deposit process is extremely low.
4. Simple withdrawal process: users who use HD wallet will skip the two steps of verification and inputting the wallet address required for coin withdrawal in the past. Just like depositing coins, the process is convenient and the chances of any mistakes happening during the deposit process is extremely low.

C. Easy to expand

The updated HD wallet can derive any number of sub-accounts (that is, sub-keys) from the master key and expand infinitely. Users only need to manage a master private key to centrally manage the cryptocurrency in the account.

At the same time, HD wallet supports the rapid creation of multi-chain addresses. By using HD wallet, you can quickly generate multiple public chain wallets at the same time, which is convenient for users to manage multi-chain assets;

At the initial stage, the newly launched HD wallet authorization system will support three HD wallets, namely: MetaMask, Imtoken, TokenPocket, and other HD wallets will be gradually updated and opened in subsequent versions.

The emergence of the HD wallet authorization feature will not only completely change the usage environment of SuperEx users, but will also be an important milestone for the platform to lead to decentralized transactions and the Internet of Value under web3.0.

SuperEx is the first cryptocurrency trading platform based on web3.0, which supports blockchain crypto asset transactions in more than sixlanguages ​​and 500 coins. The SuperEx app and network combine the functionality of cryptocurrency trading and next-generation digital wallets, providing members with a one-stop platform for saving, investing, trading, and benefits.

At present, SuperEx has established a complete DAO community in 20 different countries and regions around the world, becoming one of the important DAO community groups in the global blockchain field. The ultimate goal of the platform is to create a web3.0-based business model that can achieve true decentralization and DAO autonomous management, opening the door to billions of potential users around the world through web3.0 and the metaverse.




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