SuperEx Global Affiliate Program

7 min readNov 17, 2023

In order to better build the SuperEx global crypto ecosystem and practice the principle of SuperEx affiliate cooperation and development, SuperEx launched the global affiliate recruitment program. There are rich industry resources, excellent and powerful community group leaders, influencers or Youtube video bloggers can join us. Grow together with SuperEx, develop the crypto ecosystem and share the development dividend of the platform!

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1. How to join the SuperEx Global Affiliate Program

  1. First of all, you need to be an influencer or crypto community group leader, or a media organization, Twitter, Youtube video influencer, blogger, or a trader with the ability to attract new users.
  2. You need to have experience building communities and have a strong appeal to your followers.
  3. You are a person who understands the crypto market and is optimistic about the development of the crypto market.
  4. You are willing to be active in the community and manage the order of the community.

2. KOL Ambassador Cooperation Process

Currently, video bloggers, crypto community leaders, KOLs, media writers, and other content creators can apply to become SuperEx agents in the following ways:

Step 1: Become a SuperEx Agent

First of all, please fill out the Agent Program Application Form to submit your application. After submitting your application, our staff will contact you within 3 working days, please make sure your contact information is correct.

Step 2: Promote your exclusive invitation link

Log in to your SuperEx account to create and manage your exclusive invitation links.

Step 3: Earn easy commissions

Pin your exclusive invitation link to your community (long-term), and promote your invitation link anywhere else, as long as the user registers through your promotional link, you can get up to 50% of the contract rebate after your friend completes the transaction, and 30% of the spot rebate.

3. How to start earning commissions

  1. Submit your application by filling out the Agent Program Application Form, and once our team evaluates your application, you will be approved to become an established affiliate.
  2. Create and share your referral link, you can track the performance of each referral link you share, generate a custom referral link for each channel.
  3. When someone signs up for a SuperEx account using your referral link, you can earn up to 80% (Spot and Futures) commission every time they close a trade.

4. Description of affiliates commission levels

Affiliates personal commission: for commission cooperation, affiliates need to meet the qualification rating first, the Futures commission ratio is 10%~50%, and the spot fixed commission is 30%. The higher the community qualification, the higher the personal commission rate.

  • Futures commission for affiliates: 10~50%
  • Spot commission for affiliates: 30%

5.Rebate limit

Each KOL ambassador’s initial contract rebate ratio ≥ 20%, the highest contract rebate ratio of 50%, spot rebate of 30%, the determination of the rebate ratio, need to be integrated community monthly trading volume, if the community active, community growth, community conversion rate and other key indicators to make a comprehensive evaluation.

6. About SuperEx Affiliate Commission Rate Assessment

1)For commission cooperation, affiliates need to first meet the qualification rating, Futures commission rate of 10% to 50%, Spot commission of 30%, the higher the community qualification, the higher the individual commission. The platform will carry out the affiliates monthly rating assessment, and the community to reassessment and commission ratio adjustment.

For example: Nick through the assessment rating was able to qualify for A grade, his Futures commission is 50%, through the two-month platform assessment period, its invitations to trade volume continuously lower than the platform’s minimum X trading volume threshold, then Nick will not meet the standards of the platform and his commission rate will be reduced the level of rebate grade for B, that is, the rebate ratio is reduced to 40%. If the minimum transaction threshold of the platform cannot be reached for a long period of time, then the cooperation status of the channel will be lifted, and the rebate ratio will be automatically reduced to 10% of that of an ordinary user.

2)When cooperating and evaluating, meeting the conditions in the above table does not guarantee that the rights and benefits will be credited, the final right depends on the results of SuperEx’s actual assessment results, which will prioritize the number of new registrations and trading users to meet the standards.

7. SuperEx Global Affiliate Rights and Benefits

1)SuperEx community affiliate rights and benefits:

1.1 Community Traffic Realization — For users who register through your exclusive invitation link, you can enjoy a 10%~50% commission rate from the platform.

1.2 Enjoy exclusive gifts and exquisite accessories of the platform.

1.3 As a partner, enjoy exclusive offline meeting invitations.

1.4 Enjoy the lowest transaction fee rate on the platform.

2)SuperEx media affiliate rights and interests

1.1 As a registered user with your exclusive invitation link, you can enjoy up to 50% of the commission rate provided by the platform, and you will enjoy this benefit for life under the obligations stipulated in the cooperation agreement.

1.2 Media affiliates can participate in some specific activities, events or cooperation projects

1.3 Enjoy platform-exclusive gifts and exquisite peripherals.

1.4 As a partner, enjoy exclusive offline meeting invitations.

1.5 Enjoy the lowest transaction fee on the platform.

1.6 Self-published and created SuperEx promotional videos can be rewarded with ET tokens.

8. Obligations of SuperEx Global Affiliates

1.)SuperEx affiliate obligations

1.1 Efforts to complete the task of recruiting new friends through your own invitation link every month

1.2 Actively participate in platform and community activities

1.3 Actively maintain the brand public relations image of the platform

1.4 Actively repost SuperEx official information and event information

2) SuperEx community affiliates duty

2.1 Actively maintain the SuperEx brand image, handle public relations affairs, and actively drive your followers to participate in SuperEx activities.

2.2 SuperEx official announcement information, platform activities and promotion of community activities.

2.3 Carry out daily new user recruitment in the community and complete the effective new user registration tasks.

2.4 Strive to complete the established goals given by the platform.

2.5 Community Q&A and responses to related consultation questions.

2.6 Keep in touch with official personnel and give feedback to users.

3) Obligations of SuperEx Media Affiliates

3.1 Promote the SuperEx brand and product videos

3.2 Complete the effective new user registration task.

3.3 Put the SuperEx official website on the top of your own media channel and promote the registration link for a long time

3.4 Forward SuperEx official information and event information.

9. KOL Rating Rules

KOL rating is divided into A/B/C/D/E 5 levels, KOL ambassador level rating won’t be fixed and will be adjusted flexibly through the one-month performance period, the platform according to the key indicators to evaluate whether to reach the upgrade or downgrade standard, if it reaches the upgraded standard, the contract rebate ratio will be adjusted as follows:

10. Services and Terms

1. SuperEx does not allow any affiliates to solicit existing SuperEx users to create new accounts solely for the purpose of becoming their referrer. If SuperEx determines that an affiliate has manipulated the referral process, the affiliate will be subject to penalties including, but not limited to: reduction of spot commission rates, disqualification from receiving additional bonuses, etc.

2. SuperEx does not allow any private offering of any additional referral commission (sharing referral commissions with invitees). If SuperEx determines that an affiliate is privately offering any referral commissions, the affiliate will be disqualified.

3. If SuperEx determines that an Affiliate has engaged in any disruptive and/or defamatory behavior against SuperEx, the Affiliate’s eligibility will be terminated and his/her commission rate will be reduced to 0% SuperEx reserves the right to recoup all referral commissions allocated to the Affiliate.

4. All users must strictly adhere to the SuperEx Terms of Use. Any violation of the Terms of Use will disqualify the user from earning affiliate commissions.

5. SuperEx may, in its sole discretion, determine whether affiliates are entitled to earn any commissions and reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions from time to time. If you have any questions, please contact Customer Service. 6.

6. SuperEx reserves the right to terminate all referral commissions earned by a user if the system detects that the user has deleted an existing account in order to create a new account to benefit from the referral program.




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