SuperEx Contracts Trading Points FAQ

3 min readMar 27, 2024

SuperEx Contract Trading Points Program, as a newly launched welfare section, will benefit all SuperEx

Users, because of its low acquisition threshold, rich ecological benefits, and can be directly exchanged for the main network tokens, it can be expected that a large number of users will be attracted to participate in it after the launch.

In order to give users a better participation experience, and also in order to allow users to anticipate questions can be better and faster to get the answer, the launch of this issue of SuperEx Contract Trading Points FAQ, listing 9 kinds of questions that users will anticipate in the process of participation, and give the corresponding answers or solutions.

Of course, if some of the questions are not covered or you need more detailed help, please contact SuperEx customer service.

Q. Where is the SuperEx Contract Trading Points participation portal?


· If you are a web user, you can find the entrance by following the path below: Navigation bar>>SCS>>Trading Points;

· If you are an APP user, you can find the entrance in the Banner and King Kong area;

Q. Are all users of the SuperEx Contract Trading Points Program automatically enrolled?

A. Points counting is only available to users who have opened a contract account, and users who have not opened a contract account will not be eligible for points counting;

Q. Can the SuperEx Contract Trading Points Program and the rebate be enjoyed at the same time?

A. No, rebates and points can only choose one, they can not be enjoyed at the same time, the user can choose whether to turn on or off points in the points page.

Q. Can I switch the status of SuperEx Contracts Trading Points on and off at any time?

A. The status of contract trading credits can be adjusted once a day, calculated on a UTC natural day;

Q. After the SuperEx contract trading bonus has been activated, can I enjoy other benefits of the platform’s activities at the same time, except for commission rebates?

A. Participation in the points activity does not entitle you to other activities and benefits of the platform, including but not limited to contract trading rebate, contract trading unlock ET, SCS mission center drop, blind box rewards, and newbie mission center drop.

Q. Where can I check the points and other details of my account?

A. On the Contract Points Airdrop Program page, you can see the total amount of trades currently participating in the program, the total difficulty factor, account points details and overall ranking.

Q. Are the SCS redeemed through Contract Trading Points in locked status?

A. Points earned through the above methods will be calculated instantly, and the accumulated points will be redeemed for normal trading of SCS after the SCS is launched, and will not be locked.

Q. Can the three rewards — Daily Check-In, Contract Trading and Trading Ranking — be stacked?

A. Users can earn trading points and daily check-in rewards for all contract trades, and additional points if the user is in the daily trading ranking.

Q. How is contract turnover calculated?

A. Contract trading volume is calculated for both long and short positions; formula: contract trading volume = open position amount + close position amount;

Contract trading credits can create interesting experiences and high-yield opportunities for users, and we will continue to enrich the ecological value of credits to make contract trading credits a high-yield, high-value-retention, high-interest policy.




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