SuperEx Call for Submissions: Top Reward of 150U

3 min readMar 24


SuperEx is looking for high-quality content within specific area. Participants can apply through a form and submit their own articles. Once approved and published, they can receive a reward of 50–150 $USDT based on the article performance.

In addition, “all creators who submit their work during the event” have the chance to win the prizes. Before the submission deadline of March 31st (First Round), we will randomly select 10 contributors to receive SuperEx transaction fee refund coupon and ET rewards. If the submitted article is successfully published on SuperEx Medium, they will also receive an additional reward of 50–150 $USDT based on the content’s performance.

Please be sure to follow for the latest events, and become our contributors!

Activity Rules:

Who can participate?

This event is open to the following groups, if you are:

  1. Someone who loves sharing
  2. Cryptocurrency enthusiast
  3. Community leader, KOL, or media personnel
  4. SuperEx registered user
  5. SuperEx DAO member

How to participate?

  1. Choose a area and create content
  2. From now until 23:59 on March 31st, UTC+8, submit your completed work through the application form
  3. Once approved, the work will be published on the SuperEx Medium platform

Award evaluation rules:

Submission Topics:

Based on SuperEx, choose one of the three areas: blockchain, decentralization, or Web3.0 to expand upon.

Example: Taking the role of SuperEx in Web3.0 as the topic, discuss the development and form of Web3.0 in the future.

Activity Details:

  1. SuperEx Medium currently accepts submissions in English;
  2. SuperEx Medium does not limit the number of submissions per creator per subbmission, so there is no reward cap, and everyone is encouraged to submit;
  3. For security purpose, please upload your work to a cloud document and submit it after completion;
  4. The final selection will be made by the SuperEx Medium content review team based on content completeness, creativity, and community influence;
  5. All works approved and published on SuperEx Medium will be credited with the author’s name. Please also fill in the name you want to be displayed on your work in the submitted form;
  6. All submitted content must be original; plagiarized content will be considered invalid;
  7. Once the submitted work is accepted and used, the copyright of the work belongs to SuperEx.
  8. Outstanding creators who are selected will receive an official contact email. Award winners, please check your email, and we will distribute the rewards together after receiving your email reply. Rewards will be sent to your SuperEx account before the 20th of the following month, so please check;

The reward distribution date may change; please refer to the latest official announcement

Please note that SuperEx team will not ask you for any fees or require the use of any third-party wallets

*SuperEx reserves the right of final interpretation of this activity.

Submit your works to:




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