SuperEx Brand Image Upgrade Preview

3 min readNov 14, 2023

Preview: SuperEx is scheduled to undergo a comprehensive brand image upgrade on November 15, 2023, with the iOS version already supporting the update since November 7, 2023.

After the upgrade, SuperEx will meet users with a simpler, more intuitive design style, a brand-new brand image, and more convenient features and services. The specific upgrade time is subject to the official announcement.

To give everyone a more comprehensive understanding of the content updates in the SuperEx brand upgrade, this article will briefly introduce and preview the content of the upgrade.

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SuperEx’s New Brand Image

After the update, SuperEx will meet users with a completely new brand image. The specific update content includes:

1. Update of the official website’s color scheme and layout style:

The color scheme is brighter and more diversified;

The layout design has been updated from static to dynamic visuals;

2. Update of the SuperEx LOGO

The brand-new LOGO image will be synchronized across all SuperEx media, social media, and official platforms;

The new LOGO features a bright yellow color as the main tone and a diamond shape as the main image. The four corners of the diamond represent SuperEx’s layout in four directions in the Web3 ecosystem: DAO, Web3 wallet, CEX, SCS Chain.

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3. SuperEx official website will also be adjusted and updated

SuperEx Photo Wall Officially Launched

SuperEx has added a photo display area to the homepage of its official website, allowing for a more vivid and intuitive presentation of various SuperEx dynamics, such as industry summits, offline events, etc.

New website updates includes:

Display of SuperEx-related photos

Data display

The Web3 Wallet is Fully Upgraded for a Smooth Journey in Web3.0

The new Web3 wallet will feature functions such as one-click switching and one-click visting, eliminating the hassle of cumbersome conversion operations. This allows users to easily navigate the world of Web3 and enjoy the convenience of CEX.

Key updates include:

Added display of the fiat currency value of cryptoassets in the wallet

Categorized and included the hottest Dapps by chain, supporting one-click visiting

More convenient switching to the Web3 wallet on the SuperEx APP homepage, with support for one-click switching

SuperEx has always had stringent requirements for its own security, convenience, interactivity, and user experience. This update not only aims to achieve a breakthrough user experience, allowing users to easily navigate the Web3 world and enjoy the convenience of CEX, but also to enhance the brand building of SuperEx. It aims to bring more consensus builders together with SuperEx to step into the gateway of the Web3.0 ecosystem.




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