Super Start IEO exceeded 1813% over 24k users invested in WISEDY

2 min readMar 21, 2023

On March 21, 2023, the third round of the Super Start project IEO on the SuperEx platform was a complete success, with a total funding of 1813780 USDT, exceeding the expected amount by 1813% or 100,000 USDT. This is another record-breaking IEO in SuperEx history.

With the unprecedented success of the first and second round of Super Start IEO, this IEO has also received unprecedented attention, and the protagonist of this IEO, WISEDY, has brought in a huge amount of traffic.

According to official internal data from SuperEx, within 24 hours, the Super Start section received the attention of millions of people, with over 24679 participants, an increase of 156% compared to the previous round. The total funding exceeded the expected amount by 1813%, reaching 1.813 million USDT, an increase of 280% compared to the previous round.

Super Start is an IEO-exclusive channel launched by SuperEx, providing a faster listing channel for high-quality projects and offering users more early investment opportunities.

At the same time, SuperEx’s own user base of tens of millions and hundreds of thousands of active community promotion channels will also bring huge exposure and attention to the projects.

If you want to participate in IEO or launch an IEO through Super Start, please click on the link below to contact us:

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