Spending just 100U can earn you a whopping 100,000U! The inscription is sparking a crazy bull market! Superex launches ATOM and ORDI trading pairs!

4 min readDec 6, 2023

Ways to Earn 1 Million in the crypto industry This Year?

· In early March, the cost of ORDI was 3 USDT, and spending 60 USDT to get one yielded a value of over 200,000 USDT today.

· In mid-April, buying 100 USDT of PEPE is now worth over 1,000,000 USDT.

· In mid-April, the cost of inscribing Shibai NFT was 1 USDT, and now it’s worth over 100,000 USDT.

Even if you missed all these, spending 100 USDT to inscribe $ATOM is now worth over 100,000U.

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If everyone focuses on the inscription track, they should now realize that the inscription market is in a crazy bull market. ORDI has increased by tens of thousands of times, ETHS by thousands of times, ATOM by nearly a thousand times, and SATS by 50 times… This huge wealth effect is exciting and enviable.

Let’s talk about the $Atom token, the first token of the ecosystem, with a total of 21,000,000 tokens. This token has created a 1000x myth, from its initial Mint cost of 0.001 USDT per token to its current price of nearly a 5 USDT per token!

Of course, the most insane growth in the inscription track belongs to ORDI, which since its inception in March this year, has gone from an initial Mint of 1 portion (1,000 coins) costing about 1 USDT, to a peak price of over 29,000 USDT per token, equivalent to an increase of nearly 30,000 times.

It can be said that the inscription track has sparked the long-awaited crazy bull market in the crypto market! This is not just minting inscriptions; it’s like running a ‘money printing machine.’

So, as ordinary users, how do we Mint inscriptions? Let’s take $ATOM as an example:

$ATOM is the first CPU mining project of ARC-20, a purely decentralized token with no pre-mining. Anyone can claim and mint tokens by executing the Bitwork proof of work. Each decentralized minting request can claim 1,000 units, meaning 1 portion equals 1,000 coins.

Below is the full process for Minting $ATOM:

Step 1: Install Nodejs. For specific installation instructions, please refer to ‘Installing Nodejs in a Windows Environment.’

Step 2: Install Git. For specific installation instructions, please refer to ‘Installing Git in a Windows Environment.’

(Steps 1 and 2 are basic environmental requirements and will not be elaborated further.)

Step 3: Clone the project In Windows, open CMD command line mode, on Apple computers enter Terminal.app, and execute the following commands:

1. Create a working directory

Mkdir atomicals && cd atomicals

2. Clone the project from GitHub

Git clone git@github.com:atomicals/atomicals-js.git

3. Install dependencies

Cd atomicals-js && npm install

4. Install yarn

Npm install -g yarn

5. Wait for the installation to complete

Note: If you encounter an error when executing the command Git clone git@github.com:atomicals/atomicals-js.git, such as ‘command git — no-replace-object Is-remote ssh://Git clone git@github.com:atomicals/atomicals-js.git,’ you can refer to the troubleshooting guide ‘Troubleshooting During npm Package Installation.’

Step 4: Enter the command ‘yarn cli wallet-init’ in the command line to create a wallet. The wallet.json file with wallet information will be generated in the current directory. Be sure to save the wallet.json file securely.

Step 5: Send an appropriate amount of BTC to the generated wallet address to serve as Gas for Minting inscriptions. The amount of BTC depends on the number of Mints; the more you Mint, the higher the Gas fee required.

Step 6: After deposit the Gas fee, enter ‘yarn cli mint -dft atom’ to start automatic Minting.

Now we have completed the entire $Atom Minting process.

ATOM.mp4 (sharepoint.com)

Currently, SuperEx has launched dozens of popular coins in the inscription track, including $ATOM and ORDI, and provides a one-stop service for trading inscription tokens. If you don’t know how to inscribe or find inscribing too complicated, but don’t want to miss out on this ten-thousand-fold wealth feast, then come to the SuperEx ARC20 zone or BTC Startup to purchase BRC-20 or ARC-20 tokens.

Bull markets and wealth always belong to early participants. The earlier you participate, the higher the returns!”

Please note that the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile and speculative. Always do thorough research and consider seeking advice from financial experts before investing.




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