Sats Outlook for a 1000x Increase? Sats event preview!

5 min readNov 17, 2023

Sats is a type of BRC20 token, the ninth inscribed token on the BRC-20 protocol. Its full name is Satoshi, which is the smallest unit of Bitcoin, commonly referred to as sat or bit. 1 BTC is equivalent to 100 million sats, with a total supply of 21 trillion, equivalent to 21 million BTC.

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Astonishingly, the market popularity for Sats on Saturday even surpassed ORDI. More importantly, Sats could become the next coin with a meme tribe, like Shiba Inu or Dogecoin. Its low price and large number of holding addresses make it a likely candidate to spark the next frenzy in coin trading.

Many, including institutions, are optimistic about Sats, and Unisat’s use of sats as a Bitcoin layer 2 transaction fee could trigger a new narrative in the next bull market. We wait and see.

Reasons for the Promising Future of Sats

SATS has become the project with the most holding users in the Ordinals ecosystem, which is crucial. It has a strong community base and widespread recognition, providing solid support for SATS.

In the BRC-20 token market, the market value of SATS has reached about 150 million USD, equal to the same period level of DOGE with a market value of 10 billion USD and SHIB with 5 billion USD. The current crypto market has not yet entered a full bull market, indicating that SATS has enormous growth potential.

UniSat, as the largest wallet platform in the BRC-20 ecosystem, supports Gas fees on SATSL2 and aims to include it as a basic trading token in brc20swap. This support comes not only from the 36,000+ active users brought by SATS but also makes UniSat a top trading platform.

Eight Reasons for the Optimistic Market Outlook of Sats for a Thousand-Fold Increase

Currently, Sats has already increased more than 12x, but it has not yet reached the market’s estimated limit. In the research of many institutions, some even predict Sats to increase by more than a thousand times, for the following reasons:

· Sats has a significant meaning as the smallest unit of Bitcoin: satoshi. Hence, Sats is also called the Nakamoto coin.

· A sufficient number of holding addresses, over 38,000, making it the most trafficked and widely used among BRC-20 users: as long as BRC-20 continues to develop, Sats will flourish and become the largest meme coin on BRC-20.

· Strong interest for miners and crypto mining farms, especially after the Bitcoin halving in 2024, where mining farms must find new profit points, making Sats, with its large total volume and consensus, their best choice.

· BRC-20 is a new thing with a small total market value, easy to explode, and Sats being the leading coin of BRC-20, will inevitably see a significant increase.

· Fair distribution, large total volume, taking 6 months to mint completely, fair to everyone.

· Everyone has paid a cost, whether buying or minting, even the deployers have to bear a cost to mint.

· Sats represents a kind of emotional value, with Bitcoin likely to be paid in sats in the future.

· Underlying value, as users have minted or purchased Sats with real BTC, establishing the foundational value of sats with actual actions.

SuperEx has already launched Sats trading pairs

Currently, Sats trading pairs have been launched on the SuperEx exchange, becoming one of the hottest coins with the fastest growth in trading volume in the SuperEx BRC-20 spot section.

Join NOW:

At the same time, SuperEx is currently running a event for Sats, with the following details:

Event Period: November 17, 16:00 — November 27, 15:59 (UTC)

1. Trade SATS and share the prize pool

During the promotion period, users who trade the specified currency and reach a cumulative trading volume will receive corresponding SATS rewards based on their cumulative trading volume ranking. The specific reward rules are as follows:

After reaching the corresponding cumulative trading volume threshold, rankings will be based on trading volume, and rewards will be allocated accordingly.

2. New user rewards with registration gifts

During the event, users who register and make a net deposit of 100 USDT or more can receive SATS worth 5 USDT, limited to 100 people, first come first served.

3. Deposit and get another $1,000 worth of SATS

During the event, users with a net deposit amount > 800 USDT will be ranked according to their net deposit amount. The top 50 users will each receive an equivalent SATS reward worth $20.


1. The rewards for the campaign are equivalent SATS and will be issued within 7 days after the campaign ends;

2. The rewards are only available to users who have signed up and traded the specified trading pairs;

3. All participating users comply with the SuperEx Terms of Service by default and will be immediately disqualified from the campaign if found to be in violation;

4. SuperEx reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions of this campaign without prior notice to users;

5. SuperEx will disqualify non-compliant users from participating in the event and deactivate the use of the relevant SuperEx account;

6. SuperEx reserves the right of final interpretation of this campaign.




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