New User Lucky Draw — Join and Share 200 TSCS Airdrop

2 min readSep 13, 2023


To celebrate the renewed collaboration between SuperEx and Token2049, SuperEx Medium and SuperEx CMC accounts are launching a joint event. During the event period, new users have the opportunity to receive a reward of 10 TSCS.

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Duration: 13th September 2023 to 22nd September 2023.


During the event, new Superexers who follow SuperEx Medium and CMC can qualify for the lottery. Ten Superexers will be chosen from both SuperEx Medium and CMC, totaling 20, each receiving a reward of 10 TSCS.


The third phase of the TSCS program is now underway. Superexsers can participate in the event through methods such as increasing ET holdings, contract trading, and 1USD, and stand a chance to share in a TSCS airdrop valued at $200 million.

Learn more: Announcement on the launch of the third round of the TSCS airdrop plan (SuperEx Public Chain SCS Chain) — SuperEx




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