Medium Anniversary Winners — Are you the lucky winner?

3 min readApr 3, 2024

As of March 31st, Medium’s anniversary celebration came to a successful conclusion, with a total of 40 lucky users born from this event, of which 20 lucky users won the first prize, which is a contract trading fee credit coupon valued at 10 U. There are also 20 lucky users who won the Grand Prize, which is a prize of 10USDT cash rewards!

Let’s congratulate these 40 lucky users! For those who didn’t win, you can follow SuperEx’s other platforms, more surprises are waiting for you!

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The following winners will be announced:

First prize

The first prize users were new Medium followers during the campaign period, and we randomly selected 20 lucky users from among them, so all winners were SuperEx Medium followers:

The following list of winners:


exu brant

Luca Matoke




Odoh Emmanuel Nonso



Otonoh Patrick Ikechukwu







Mba Iro Orji

Boma Ebiye


Dauda Dahiru

All winning users please leave your #SuperEx UID in the comments of this article before April 5th; the reward will be issued within 10 working days!

Please note that failure to provide the #SuperEx UID within the stipulated time will be considered as an automatic forfeiture of the winning spot!

Grand prize

Grand Prize users are 20 lucky users randomly selected from those who have completed the designated tasks, the winning users please click on the link to leave a message within the specified time, and provide SuperEx UID in the message.

Please note that failure to provide the #SuperEx UID within the stipulated time will be considered as an automatic forfeiture of the winning spot!

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First list of winners (here are the Twitter users)











Second batch of winners (here are the Twitter users)











SuperEx Q2 Key Developments

A. SuperEx has added a new contract trading scoreboard, and the scoreboard is now online; users can obtain bonus points by signing in, participating in contract trading, inviting rewards, and rewarding for being on the trading ranking list, etc. Accumulated points can be exchanged for rewards such as platform rights and interests, and tokens on the main network of SuperEx.

Points Reward Redemption

1. Redeeming platform rights and benefits: Users can use the points to redeem SCS, the main network token of Superex platform’s public chain (ScsChain).

When SCS list, you can enjoy the dividends of the platform’s growth and the benefits of a rising SCS.

2. Lucky Draw: Use bonus points to participate in the lucky draw (20 points per draw Daily limit of 50 draws)

3. Holding points to get airdrops: Points to get airdrop tokens in priority, the more points, the more airdrops (no consumption of points)

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2、SuperEx is actively preparing for the layout of the BTC rune ecosystem, and strives to become one of the first platforms in the world to provide users with a one-stop solution for rune trading, so please stay tuned to our official announcements!




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