Kardashian family admission MEME? Jenner issues new coins, and the market value soars by $4,000 W

5 min readMay 29, 2024



With the landing of ETF boots, players’ expectations for counterfeit coins on ETH are increasing.

The rising price of ETH continues to ignite the cottage market. In addition, the American election shows a positive attitude towards cryptocurrency, which makes the already lively MEME track carnival, and the iteration speed of new topics of MEME even exceeds the speed of people changing positions and changing currencies. The topic that Kardashian’s stepfather Caitlyn JENNER released the Pump token Jenner added “a lot of oil” to the fire.

For a time, the news of the Kardashian family’s admission to MEME became the hottest topic, and the realization of influence or malicious harvest became the focus of community discussion.

Today, Kardashian’s stepfather Caitlyn JENNER released the Pump token Jenner. At that time, most users thought it was a hacker’s hacking, and then there were many reversal stories. Many tokens were accompanied by the dynamics of Caitlyn Jenne’s X, and the price repeatedly jumped. It is no wonder that some people questioned the malicious harvest by using the celebrity effect.

Seeing this, I believe many newcomers will be confused. Who is Kardashian’s stepfather Caitlyn Jenner? Why is it so influential?

Caitlyn Jenner

The whole program of “keeping up with the kardashians” has been recorded for fourteen years, which can be said to be a well-known reality show in the United States. The program is mainly based on the daily content of the Kardashians. Therefore, Caitlyn Jenner, a transgender woman who is the stepfather of Kardashian sisters, is a well-deserved national online celebrity, and her fans on X are as high as 3000K.

Not only that, Caitlyn Jenner once ran for the governor of California and was Trump’s number one supporter. Of course, as the number one supporter of Trump, the biggest coffee maker in the encryption market, it is not difficult for Caitlyn Jenner to follow Trump’s footsteps and become an encryption player.

However, Jenner’s practice, when we understand the ins and outs, we find that the whole thing has developed quite dramatically.

Event combing

Caitlyn Jenner’s tweets immediately attracted the attention of a large number of community players, and the celebrity effect was strong. However, since she was not a crypto player before, many players’ first reaction to this over-flowing operation was that Caitlyn was hacked, and hackers were using her influence to quickly realize it.

The dramatic reversal came. At about 2 am on the 28th, Caitlyn Jenner released a new Pump token BBARK, just like Jenner before, without any foreshadowing and signs.

More importantly, after the news was released, JENNER plunged instantly from $0.027 to $0.011, a drop of about 60%, which made people suspect that someone had deliberately smashed the plate. The news brought by releasing more new tokens was not enough to make the original skyrocketing tokens plummet instantly.

More importantly, Jenner belongs to the banker’s highly controlled state, and the top ten addresses hold 49% of the tokens. This is a very dangerous signal and has become a proof that the market thinks that someone is controlling the market.

What is even more exaggerated is that the transaction amount reached US$ 20 million in just over ten minutes, but the token price showed no signs of rising at all. As can be seen from some data websites, every top ten address earned hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Later, Jenner released a new tweet, which read “Not just my own token”, suggesting that BBARK, the latest token, was not planned and launched by her personally, but the tweet did not affect traders, and the currency price was still fluctuating sideways.

A few minutes later, Jenner deleted the previous tweet to launch BBARK, and the token price dropped by 50%, and the user with the first currency also cleared 10% of the tokens at one time. Later, Jenner updated the tweet and attached the logo of the advertisement, which directly indicated that the token was not owned by her, but promoted the tokens issued by other teams.

The most deadly thing is that only one hour after the token was launched, Jenner deleted all the posts about BBARK and said: “The third-party token advertisement was removed. As I said from the beginning, my only concern is JENNER, and the advertisement I posted confuses too many people and is not worth it. “

The market value of tokens has been falling since the first deletion, from $2 million to the current $100,000. JENNER, on the other hand, started to pick up again. At present, it has recovered 50% of the decline, and its market value has reached 20 million dollars again.

There is a general voice in the market about Jenner using celebrity effect to harvest users shamelessly. Of course, we can’t know the truth.

However, since Jenner didn’t deny that X was embezzled, it is enough to show that X’s tweets were all pushed by himself, and that a person’s attitude towards one thing changed repeatedly in a short period of time, which is enough for the market to guess the secret.

From Musk to Trump to Jenner, it is not uncommon for celebrities to use their own effects to promote the fluctuation of the secondary market. For themselves, their influence is realized, but for users, the difficulty of profit will rise rapidly, so it is necessary to be alert to the influence of celebrities to harvest scams.




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