How SuperEx P2P Merchants Earn Profits

4 min readFeb 28


Since its launch, the SuperEx P2P model has attracted a lot of discussion and engagement from users, should I become a merchant? How can merchants make money? Today, we will discuss the profit-making strategies of SuperEx P2P merchants.

We use real-life examples to help you understand how our markets work like a “merchant economy”. Either you’re tired of your day job, or you’re looking for a side hustle to generate extra income. Similar to services like Amazon Merchant, SuperEx P2P allows you to start a business and earn revenue without a lot of starting capital.

1. Select the assets to be leveraged

Amazon merchants: You find that specific products are in high demand but low supply. You can use Amazon to reach global users.

P2P merchants: Find the right mix of cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies, and payment methods that are in high demand. With a little effort, you can carve out your own marketplace on SuperEx P2P.

2.Develop a pricing strategy

Amazon merchants: Once you have found your product or niche, you must ensure that your profit margin exceeds your costs. For example, material prices, shipping costs, etc.

P2P merchants: When posting P2P ads, you have the option to choose a fixed price or a variable price. If the price of USDT is $0.99 and you want to earn 5%, you would set a fixed price of $1.04. On the other hand, floating price ads fluctuate with the market. If you want to buy USDT at the market price, you can set a margin of 100% of the floating price (pricing formula 0.99 x 100% = $0.99). If you want a lower price, you can set a floating price margin of 99.98%. (Pricing formula 0.99 * 99.98% = $0.98).

3.Promote your services

If you want to make money with P2P trading, your offer must be competitive. Make sure you set reasonable prices and multiple payment methods. Some users are willing to pay more if you support harder-to-reach payment methods. You can also share your ads on the Internet to attract more users outside of SuperEx P2P.

SuperEx P2P’s ad distribution features are designed to meet the different goals and needs of the crypto community. You can set narrower spreads to attract more customers, or you can set wider spreads to generate more revenue through our ads. For example, setting a competitive price point will give you a good reputation in the community.

Start Earning Profits With SuperEx P2P

Ready to trade cryptocurrencies? Sign up for a SuperEx account or download the SuperEx app. After completing your registration and verifying your identity, you can start your journey to profitability by clicking on the link at the end of the article and filling out the form to apply to become a verified merchant.

Currently, in order to celebrate the successful launch of SuperEx P2P and to give back the support of our users, SuperEx is launching 2 major events to support the users who become merchants during the event period with 0 margin and substantial cash rewards waiting to be received, click the link below to check the event detials.

Event 1: Become a merchant on the SuperEx P2P platform with zero security deposit. Enjoy the limited time offer!

Event link: Become a merchant on the SuperEx P2P platform with zero deposit. Enjoy the limited-time benefit! — SuperEx

Event Period: February 17, 16:00 — March 10, 15:59 (UTC)

Event Rules: Join SuperEx’s P2P trading platform during the event period for a chance to become a lucky merchant and start trading without having to pay a deposit.

Event 2: SuperEx P2P Recruiting Program, Share $2,000 Bonus

Event Link: SuperEx P2P Recruiting Program, Share 2000 USDT Rewards — SuperEx

Event Period: February 10, 16:00 — March 10, 15:59 (UTC)

Event Rules: During the campaign period, eligible merchants who successfully post ads and trade on SuperEx’s P2P platform will have the opportunity to share a $1,000 bonus.

How to become a SuperEx P2P merchant?

Step 1 — Identity verification:

Step 2 — Become an advertiser by first setting up a nickname:

Step 3 — Become a merchant:

Step 4 — Fill out the form:




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