Exclusive on SuperEx: Buy 1 BTC with 1 $USDT

2 min readMar 17, 2023

According to the SuperEx official announcement: SuperEx 1USD launched a special promotion for buying 1 BTC with 1 $USDT on March 16! Exclusive on the Internet: only 1 $USDT, you can buy 1 $BTC!

You read it right, according to the current market price, 1 BTC is worth more than 25,000 USDT, and now you can buy it with only 1 $USDT , which can be said to be the most important welfare activity on the Internet this year!

SuperEx 1 USD platform officially launched on H5 and APP version on March 9, 2023. The original intention of 1 USD event is to bring users a one-stop shopping experience based on Web3.0 and digital assets, and it is also a commercial application of the Web3.0 ecosystem. 1USD has been loved and continued to be followed by a large number of users since its launch.

What is 1 USD?

1 USD is a brand-new interactive shopping experience. By bringing various trendy items to users, users can instantly access, order, and pay with crypto assets in their wallets. They only need 1 USDT to have the opportunity to buy the products they want.

At present, products that have been launched on the 1USD platform include: Phone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro Max, iPhone 14, Mac computers, BTC, ETH and various gift cards, and products that will be launched on the 1 USD platform include: Tesla, and Starlink, etc.

Note: The 1 USD platform does not currently support web login and viewing, please go to the latest version of the SuperEx APP or the H5 page on the mobile phone to log in and join the 1 USD.


Download SuperEx App:https://app.superex.com/download

Telegram: https://bit.ly/35AFUIt






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