ET Unlocking Rules: All You Need to Know

2 min readDec 23, 2022


Recently, we received feedback from many users that they don’t clearly understand the unlocking rules of SuperEx’s eco-token ET, so we will explain the ET unlocking rules in detail today.

What ETs will be locked?

According to the existing SuperEx rules, all ETs obtained through airdrops are in a locked position, including but not limited to: registration, invitation to register rewards, website task rewards, etc.

How do I unlock ETs?

According to the new rules of the platform: unlocking ET requires contract trading, unlocked quantity = transaction fee * unlocking difficulty / ET price, unlocked ET is credited to the account in real time.

Simply put, you need to trade contracts in SuperEx’s contract marketplace and unlock a certain number of ETs as soon as the transaction is completed. The number of unlocked ETs can be calculated using the metric: Number of unlocked ETs = Transaction Fee * Unlocking Difficulty / ET Price.

Of course, there is another issue here is the unlocking difficulty. According to the official rules: the trading user and the superior invitee can unlock ET (50% unlocking difficulty), and the unlocking amount is 20% for the superior invitee and 80% for the subordinate invitee; if the user has no superior invitee, the unlocking amount of ET is 80%.

As an example.

An invite his friend B to successfully register a SuperEx account, and his friend B buy or sell contracts on SuperEx, generating a contract fee of 100 USDT. If the current price of ET is 5 USDT, the number of ETs that A can unlock is: 100*50%*20%/5 = 2 ETs; the number of ETs that B can unlock is: 100*50%*80%/5 = 8 ETs.

If user B has not registered for SuperEx account directly through a superior invitee and has traded contracts in SuperEx, generating a contract fee of 100 USDT, if the current price of ET is 5 USDT, the number of ETs that B can unlock is: 100*50%*80%/5=8 ETs.

Two points are worth noting.

  1. ETs used to deduct transaction fees for orders will not be included in the transaction fees for unlocking terms;
  2. After completing the transaction, the transaction user and the invitee of that user can share 50% of the unlocked ET amount of that transaction.

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