ET Launch Time is Confirmed
SuperEx Opens The Ecosystem Era!

4 min readSep 23, 2022

Introduction: SuperEx will officially launch the platform utility token ET (Extraterrestrial Token) on September 30, 2022. The total global supply of ET is 1 billion and will never be issued additionally.

In the world of cryptocurrency, trading platforms, as the hub of transactions, are facing the challenges of trust and risk. Issues such as asset control, opaque transactions, easy data tampering, non-disclosure of decision-making, and community centralization are always threatening the trust and safety of crypto assets.

SuperEx, under the framework of WEB3.0, based on the same goals and values, together form a global consensus DAO, supported by decentralized governance and DAO fund incentives, with ET as the platform utility token, is the world’s first web3.0-based cryptocurrency trading platform.

In the past time, SuperEx has completed the product launch of SuperWallet, decentralized wallet that lets users to authorize transactions with just one-click, realizing decentralized asset storage and decentralized transactions. At the same time, the ever-expanding DAO team is building community decentralization.

In the future, SuperEx will open a metaverse office, set up a space fund, and launch SuperChain. SuperEx will create a real Web3.0 ecosystem, realizing decentralized team, decentralized community, decentralized assets and transactions, and fully decentralized rights. And ET will be the utility token of SuperEx, the credential and driver for every user involved in the project to participate in building the SuperEx ecosystem, participate in DAO governance, and exercise ecosystem capabilities. ET will play a vital role in ecosystem development as an economic foundation and circulation hub.

In order to speed up the development process of SuperEx Web 3.0 and provide an economic base for its ecosystem plan, SuperEx has decided to officially launch the platform ecological token ET (Extraterrestrial Plan) on September 30, 2022。

After the launch of ET, as one of the irreplaceable core systems of SuperEx Web3.0 ecosystem plan, it has been given rich utility value and the value mission of positively promoting ecosystem development.

In the past time, ET has provided value output for SuperEx Web3.0 ecosystem users in terms of: DAO governance credentials, VIP credentials, whitelist rights, initial mining bonuses, GAS for ecosystem, exclusive discounts on fees, etc.

With the increasing richness of SuperEx Web3.0 ecosystem, the gradual realization of complete decentralization, and the complete decentralization of power, ET, as the only pass to participate in the ecosystem, will continue to export rich ecosystem rights and interests for users undertones.

The economic foundation determines the top structure. In order to accelerate the development process of SuperEx Web3.0 ecosystem, SuperEx has designed a perfect deflationary economic model to provide a channel for the proper development of ET.

The economic model of ET is a permanent deflationary fixed-rate burning mechanism. After ET goes live, SuperEx will continuously burn ET tokens through two mechanisms: buyback and burn and burning through voting, with the ultimate goal of 200 million ETs.

It is foreseeable that after ET listing, with the continued power of the deflationary model, the financial value of continuous development and more diversified utility value will be obtained.

SuperEx: the first cryptocurrency trading platform based on the web 3.0 concept

SuperEx is a cryptocurrency trading platform built on web3.0, supporting blockchain crypto asset trading in a dozen languages and currencies. Currently, SuperEx has established DAO communities in 17 different countries and regions around the world, making it one of the important DAO community networks in the global blockchain space.

SupeEex app and website combines the functionality of cryptocurrency trading and next-generation digital wallets to provide members with a one-stop platform for savings, investments, transactions, payments and lifestyle benefits.

The ultimate goal of the platform is to create a web 3.0 based business model that allows for true decentralization and DAO autonomy.

management, opening the door to billions of potential users worldwide through web3.0 and the meta-universe.

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