ET Anniversary Celebration Preview: Extraordinary ET Bonus

4 min readAug 30


Since the official launch of ET, the platform has garnered tens of millions of attention and new user registrations! We extend our gratitude to all Superexers for their trust and support over the past year. To give back to our loyal and new Superexers, we proudly announce the ET First Anniversary Celebration!

The event will officially kick off on September 1st, and all Superexers are welcome to participate. In just the first phase of the event, based on rankings, an individual can win up to 310 USDT worth of ET rewards. Different rankings will receive different rewards. The second phase will unlock a grand celebration with millions of ET, making it a true carnival for ET enthusiasts.

Worth mentioning is that the SCS Chain mainnet and its testnet token, TSCS, will both be launched in September. The listing price for TSCS is set at 1TSCS=1USDT. Those who missed out on the TSCS airdrop rewards should seize the opportunity to join the third phase of the TSCS airdrop plan. Superexers can participate through various ways such as increasing their ET holdings, contract trading, and joining 1USD. Join in and share a slice of the 200 million USD worth of TSCS airdrop. Time is running out, and the reward balance is diminishing rapidly.

September is set to be a benefits feast that you won’t want to miss.

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ET Anniversary Celebration Activity Rules

The ET Anniversary Celebration is divided into two phases:

Phase One: Both new and existing Superexers who deposit or trade will receive exclusive airdrop rewards. Activity Duration: September 1, 16:00 — September 11, 15:59 (UTC)

Phase Two: Celebrating ET’s first anniversary with the unlocking extravaganza of millions of ET. Activity Duration: September 15, 16:00 — September 25, 15:59 (UTC)

Phase One Activity Rules:

1. Rewards for Deposits: During the activity period, new Superexers who register on the SuperEx platform and meet the following conditions will have the chance to win rewards:

· Deposit methods include: P2P and on-chain transfers.

· Net deposit amount greater than 500 USDT: According to the deposit amount ranking, the top 20 will each receive 5 ET rewards.

· Net deposit amount greater than 800 USDT: According to the deposit amount ranking, the top 10 will each receive 10 ET rewards.

2. Rewards for Trading by New Superexers: New Superexers who register during the activity period and participate in the ET/USDT spot trading to achieve cumulative trading volume will receive an airdrop of ET based on their trading volume ranking. The airdrop will be in the equivalent value of ET. The specific reward rules are:

Upon reaching the respective cumulative trading volume thresholds, Superexers will be ranked based on trading volume and airdropped the corresponding value of ET.

3. Trading Carnival for All Platform Superexers: During the event, all Superexers who engage in contract trading and achieve a cumulative trading volume that meets specific thresholds and rank within certain positions will receive rewards in the equivalent value of ET. The specific rules will follow.

Cumulative Trading Volume Threshold (USDT)

After reaching the corresponding cumulative contract trading volume thresholds, Superexers will be ranked based on their trading volume. Once ranked, rewards will be divided according to the proportion of trading volume.

Important Notes

1. The event rewards will be distributed within 7 working days after the end of each phase. Rewards from the first phase will be in the form of locked ET.

2. Award recipients must have a holding of more than 10 ET (excluding the amount of ET that has not been unlocked) and must meet the respective activity conditions to receive the corresponding activity rewards.

3. All participating Superexers automatically agree to abide by SuperEx’s terms of service. If any violations are detected, their eligibility to participate will be immediately revoked.

4. The price of the distributed tokens will be based on the market price at the time of reward distribution.

5. SuperEx reserves the right to modify the terms of this activity without prior notification to Superexers.

6. SuperEx will disqualify any user found to be non-compliant and suspend their SuperEx accounts.

7. SuperEx retains the final interpretation right for this event.




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