Credits for Coin】 SuperEx Contract Trading credits are About to Go Live — An Opportunity for Profit Not to be missed

3 min readMar 22, 2024

SuperEx is about to launch a contract trading credits program, where users can earn credits by completing various activities or tasks. Accumulated credits can be redeemed for platform benefits, SuperEx mainnet tokens, and other rewards.

The credits program is one of the core components of SuperEx’s ecosystem benefits. The rules for earning credits are simple and can be obtained by signing in, the ecosystem benefits are rich, with credits that can be exchanged for SuperEx mainnet tokens. It can be said that earning credits is equivalent to making profit!

This article will introduce the SuperEx contract trading credits program in detail, allowing everyone to fully understand and create a credits-earning plan that suits them.

Currently, there are four channels for earning credits:

1. Daily sign-in to earn credits;

2. Contract trading to earn credits;

3. Trading ranking rewards credits;

4. Inviting friends to earn credits.

Let’s take a look at the detailed rules:

A. Daily Sign-In to Earn credits

Earning Rules:








1、Everyone needs to make a trade each natural day; if the streak is broken, it starts over from the beginning, and after 7 days, it is calculated as 7 days, i.e., D8 = +7 (credit).

2、There is no limit to the contract trading amount for daily sign-in, as long as you participate in trading, you get credits.

3、A trade is considered valid if the opening and closing interval is more than 2 minutes.

B. Contract Trading to Earn credits

All trading activities generated by users in the contract market can earn credits, with an earning ratio of 1% of the trading amount. For example: A user uses a margin of 100 USDT * 100X to open a position of 10,000 USDT, then the user can earn 10,000 * 1% = 100 credits.

Please note that the earning ratio will be further adjusted as the platform’s total trading volume increases, so the earlier you participate, the more you get!

C. Trading Ranking Rewards

The top five daily trading ranking positions can receive additional credit rewards, with the additional reward credits = total daily credits * reward coefficient.

The reward coefficients for each position are different:

D. Inviting Friends to Earn credits

Invitation rewards are also an important way to earn credits. Users can invite friends to participate in contract trading, and the inviter will receive credit rewards based on the credits earned by the invitee, according to a certain reward coefficient.

Calculation formula: Invited credits = credits earned by the invitee * Reward coefficient

For example: User B participates in the credits activity, and their inviter is User A, who has reached Level 3 in the number of invites. If User B’s accumulated credits = 360,000

Then, User A can accumulate earn invitation credits = 360,000 * 30% = 108,000.

Contract trading credits can create an interesting experience and high-profit opportunities for users. SuperEx will continue to enrich the ecosystem value of credits, making contract trading credits a policy of high profit, high preservation, and high privilege.




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