1 USD from SuperEx will be launched on March 9

4 min readMar 7, 2023

SuperEx will launch a new product selling model on March 9, 2023: 1 USD one-stop shopping platform, a new scenario of online shopping application based on Web 3.0 for global users.

1 USD campaign is launched by SuperEx in order to increase the influence of global users and reach more potential users. The first 1 USD launch includes: iPhone 14 and ETH, with a chance to win using as low as 1 USDT.

What is 1 USD?

1 USD is a new way of interactive shopping experience by bringing users all kinds of trendy items that they can instantly access, order, and pay for using crypto assets in their wallets, giving them the opportunity to buy the products they want with just 1 USDT.

1 USD is a fashionable and trendy trendsetter that meets the shopping needs of individual and young consumers. It has the advantages of ultra-low barriers, super high rewards, and simplified ways to join.

1 USD is a new way of shopping from SuperEx: 1 USD is the chance to buy the products you want for only 1 USD. Each item is divided into a number of “equal parts” and sold for 1 USD. When all the “equal parts” of an item are sold, one lucky winner is randomly selected according to the 1 USD rule and gets the item for 1 USD.

With the tenet of “1 USD shopping, unlimited surprises”, 1 USD strives to create a new shopping module that is fully fair and just, authentic, and integrates entertainment and shopping.

1 USD Campaign Rules

  1. Each product is divided into corresponding “equal parts” with reference to the market price, and each part is 1USD;
  2. The same product can be purchased multiple times or multiple copies at one time;
  3. The system will calculate the “lucky user” after all “equal parts” of the item are sold, and the lucky user will receive the item.
  4. The logistics costs for physical goods will be borne by SuperEx, but there are a few areas where special circumstances prevent free shipping, so please understand that you will have to bear the costs yourself if necessary to ensure that you receive the items.
  5. The winner of the product will be announced in real time after the last share of the product is sold.

How to join the 1 USD campaign?

There is no participation threshold for 1 USD, all registered users (≥ VIP0) can participate in 1 USD. The steps to participate are as follows.

Step 1: Registration: Register as a SuperEx user.

Step 2: Verification: Have at least one security verification linked to your SuperEx account(mobile, Email verification, and/or SuperEx/Google/Microsoft Authenticator)

Step 3: Select: Go to 1 USD page and choose the product you want.

Step 4: Place an order: Before placing an order, you can choose the number of copies you want to order, the more copies you have, the higher the chance of a successful purchase.

Step 5: Payment: Make sure there is enough balance in your account, if the balance is not enough you can directly jump to deposit on the page.

Step 6: Waiting: After you complete your order, you will need to wait for all shares to be sold.

Step 7: Complete: The system will prompt “Successful Purchase”, contact the customer to receive the prize.

Advantages of 1 USD

Advantage 1: No entry barriers

1 USD launched by SuperEx does not have any participation barrier, as long as two conditions are met: registered user and having assets of at least 1 USD to participate.

Advantage 2: High cost performance

The participation barrier is as low as 1 USD, but you can get the high-priced products that users dream of. The first-phase products include: Iphone14 and ETH, and there will be MacBook Air, Tesla and other luxury products for sale in the future. The 1 USD module is simply cost-effective.

Advantage 3: Easy to operate

Unlike the many complicated rules of low-price shopping on the market, such as following, forwarding, likes and other tasks before you can join the low-price shopping mode, 1 USD is simple and easy to understand. You just check out the products, directly place an order to participate and wait for the final result.

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